Two Friends, Different Views

November Johnston and David

From the artist:

TWO FRIENDS: We are not quite sure where exactly we met….yet likely at an outdoor art fair.  Of course, we both like to talk and we are sure the friendship went from there! We talk mostly shop, sales, contracts, travel, etc. Taking care of details, clients & war stories of of ‘the road’. Our friendship is classic. We prop each other up and encourage each other like friends do. But it is more then that: seems to be an industry thing or a fellowship in the business. Through this friendship, our art careers seem to be better. It may be the professionalism we discuss, the integrity we hope to keep in our profession or all the above. Certainly it is the laughs we have when each of us needs a laugh to get through the day! This can be a difficult and demanding business and we are grateful for our friendship.

DIFFERENT VIEWS:  While we have very different painting styles, we do love to create using some of the same subject matter. Landscapes and seascapes especially. Doug also includes still life pieces and floral work into his painting collection while Mary loves to add the ‘stylized’ trees to her portfolio. Each of us uses a distinctive palette which comes from their studies and visualization during our process. Impressionistic, contemporary, classic & modern. All labels and styles of finish.

Friendships support and encourage.  An art camaraderie!

Join us to help celebrate these ideals!

– Mary (and Doug too)!