Annual Exhibit / Return of Work


Please call to give a rough estimate of when you will be picking up your work: (317) 669-6050. I am hoping to have the work out as quickly as possible — all work must be out of the museum by October 14.

WEDNESDAY, October 11, 10 am to 6 pm
THURSDAY, October 12, 10 am to 6 pm
FRIDAY, October 13, 10 am to 6 pm
SATURDAY, October 14, Noon to 4 pm, appointment only

Come to the Indiana State Museum dock – the same place you dropped off the work in July. SEE BLOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

We will be contacting buyers to arrange pickup/delivery of their purchased work separately. Congratulations to all the artists who sold work this year!

 The following works were sold and are no longer the responsibility of the artist:

  • Brouwer, Rena “Fragile Grace”
  • Dodge, Steve “Vision of My Ancestors”
  • Doloresco, Fred “Harvest”
  • Formsma, Forrest “Farmer’s Market”
  • Fransbergen, Estella “Ocean”
  • Fransbergen, Estella – “Wispy”
  • Graeser, Karen “Day is Done”
  • Harrold, Steve – “Going Uptown”
  • Kluesner, Patrick – “The Blue Pot”
  • Knowski, Kristina – “Piping Plover”
  • Lake, Jeffrey “Ava the Bold”
  • Laux, Abby “Moose Falls”
  • Lee, Hewook – “Spring Peony”
  • Mauck, Susan – “Bleu Silk”
  • Moore, Bruce – “Animalia”
  • Mullen, Mark -” #4″, serigraph
  • Mundy, CW – “Emily in the Black Hat with Veil”
  • Nobbe, Connie – “Falling in Love at The Cup”
  • Okon, Mejo “Windswept”
  • Pelo, Lisa “Pretty In Pinks”
  • Rapp, Maggie “Plum Peachy”
  • Ratzlaff, Mark “HWY 446 Summer’s End”
  • Shaw, Sarah – “Untethered”
  • Shortt, Donna “And Red Remains”
  • Smith, Jerry “Harbor Gold”
  • Vander Vinne, Mark “Falling In”
  • Vanmeter, Lisa “Crash”
  • Vanmeter, Lisa “Winter Conifers”
  • Waninger, Mark L. – “Revealing Maroon”
  • Wunderlich, Diane “Dancing Shadows”
  • Yazel, Ethan “Blue Herron”

Work will be returned via the Indiana State Museum dock ONLY! Do not enter at the front Public Entrance of the Museum.


  • Turn SOUTH on BLACKFORD ST from WEST NEW YORK STREET right by the Herron School of Art in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Continue until Blackford Street ends at the Canal.
  • Turn RIGHT on WABASH STREET behind the Admin Building of the Museum. The orange dot marks the location where you can temporarily park and hand off your art work.






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