2022 Good Ole Summertime Member Exhibit/New Harmony Gallery


Pre-registration deadline: June 30  

Application Fee: $25 before June 30 or $30 after July 1 until July 11, 2022

Anyone who entered the 98th Annual Exhibition can enter the Good Ole Summertime Exhibit for FREE!

You must be a current 2022 artist member of the Hoosier Salon JOIN OR RENEW HERE

Delivery of Art to New Harmony: Sunday, July 10, 1-4 PM or Monday, July 11, 1-4 PM

JURORS: Anne McKim, Executive Director and Andrea Adams, Gallery Director from the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana

Over $1,200 in awards including $500 Best of Show and First Place $300

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ENTRY AND FEE via mail-by JULY  11 to P.O. Box 338, New Harmony, IN 47631

$25 Entry Fee (Includes up to 2 works) (if you pay by check before June 30)

$30 nonrefundable entry fee after July 1 or with Credit Card. Click here to pay with credit card Good Ole Summertime Entry Fee

All applicants must be paid 2022 Hoosier Salon member artists.  Membership must be purchased at hoosiersalon.org or by phone at (812) 682-3970.

Entry Instructions

All applications using check must be made via mail to P.O. Box 338, New Harmony, In 47631 or send via email if paying with credit card. Lvolz@hoosiersalon.org

Click here for application: Good Ole Summertime Application


The judge will award prizes based on seeing the actual works of art accepted into the show.

Artist Eligibility

A 1-year residency in Indiana (at any time in the life of the artist) is required. Must be a 2022 artist member of the Hoosier Salon.

Eligible Works

Both 2D and 3D

Most types of art are eligible: drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, furniture, etc.  However, no photography or digital art is allowed. Subject matter must be appropriate for viewing by audiences of all ages in a setting open to the general public.

Rules/Eligible Work

  • Works MUST be for sale and reasonably priced. The Hoosier Salon retains 40% commission.
  • Hoosier Salon member artists may submit one or two works of art. At least one piece will be displayed (must meet all requirements) DEPENDS ON THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES.
  • Works must be original and produced by the entrant. No photography or computer art.
  • The accuracy of all identification information is the responsibility of the entrant: applicant’s name, title of the work, media, dimensions and price are final at the time of entry. Check your grammar and spelling, verify OUTSIDE dimensions, and ensure that sale prices are within your current market range.
  • Works must have been completed between January 2021 and July 2022 or not previously exhibited in any exhibition with the Hoosier Salon.
  • Works must not have been executed in class or under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Works must not be straight copies of paintings or published photographs.
  • The Hoosier Salon reserves the right to the final interpretation of all rules and acceptable subject matter. Work will be displayed at he Manager’s discretion.

Failure to meet these rules will result in rejection.  The Hoosier Salon reserves the right to disqualify and revoke awards of any entry in violation of the rules.


  • All 2D art must be suitably framed or finished and ready for hanging: use flat strap wires only; no screw eyes are acceptable unless they are on the inside of the stretcher frame. The Hoosier Salon reserves the right to determine whether works are ready for display.
  • All 3D art must be stable and safe while sitting on a platform or a pedestal or include appropriate museum-quality mount and under 50 pounds. All 3D art that is intended to hang must include a museum-quality mount adequately accounting for the work’s weight. Any work requiring power must be safe, minimal maintenance, and identified at the time of entry.
  • Width or height of work including the frame’s OUTSIDE dimensions must not exceed 54” in either direction.
  • Plexiglass is preferred for all works and MUST be used instead of glass on any work that is 30” or larger in any direction.
  • Please use discretion in the size and weight of 3D works (under 50 pounds).
  • Works must be ready for display.

Artwork pick-up days:

At New Harmony Gallery:  Sunday, September 4, 1-4 PM or by contacting the Gallery Director


Regulations set forth have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Hoosier Salon Patrons Association, Inc.  Your entry constitutes an agreement with all conditions of this prospectus.  Entry rules WILL BE enforced and final decisions about compliance are made by the Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery Director.  Permission to reproduce works for publicity is considered granted.  Works will be handled and exhibited at the risk of the artist; however, every reasonable effort will be made to protect the safety of all works of art.  Works are insured for 50% of the established retail value of each item, subject to a maximum of $5,000 for any one item.

Delivery of artwork for the “Good Ole Summertime” Exhibit:

  • Must be clearly labeled on the back with Name and Title matching original entry information
  • May be delivered to the New Harmony Gallery by the artist or the artist’s agent Sunday, July 10, 1-4 PM or Monday, July 11, 1-4 PM.
  • Works being shipped via USPS must be addressed to the Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery, P.O. Box 338, New Harmony, Indiana 47631 or any other shipping company mail to 507 Church Street, New Harmony, IN 47631.  Shipments will be received between July 1 and July 11.
  • All works must be in the possession of Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery staff by July 11, 2022, 5PM
  • If you are unable to deliver accepted work during the specified period, call Hoosier Salon (812- 682-3970 to discuss other arrangement  

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