Hoosier Salon 98th

Annual Exhibition Artists’ Videos

Several artists in the Hoosier Salon 98th Annual Exhibition submitted short videos about themselves, their work, or how they created the pieces juried into the exhibition.

Enjoy any or all of these videos by artists accepted into the Hoosier Salon 98th Annual Exhibition

Click on the names to see their videos. Enjoy! 


Dawn Adams                                                                                      

Roy Boswell                                                                                       

Beth Forst                                                                                          

Sylvia Gray                                                                                      

Mary Gretsinger                                                                              

Lesley Haflich                                                                                    

Patrick Kluesner                                                                              

Liisa Le                                                                                                 

Elise Lyon                                                                                           

A. Cassia Margolis                                                                           

Cynthia Miller                                                                                   

Kate Orr – Cherished Memory                                                   

Kate Orr – Symphony                                                                    

Russell Recchion                                                                              

Rodney Reveal                                                                                 

Betty Scarpino                                                                                  

Beth Clary Schwier                                                                         

William Smock – Cows at Vernies                                             

William Smock – Parke County Before the Storm               

Brenda Stichter                                                                                

Carol Stock Wasson                                                                        

Gerald Traicoff – The Wedding Basket                                   

Gerald Traicoff – Hidden Treasures

Elisabeth Von der Lohe                                                                 

Patricia Weiss                                                                                   

Cherie Wilson                                                                                   

Carrie Wright                                                                                    

Sabrina Zhou                                                                                     

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