22nd Annual First Brush of Spring

22nd Annual First Brush of Spring

April 14-17, 2021

Thank you to IPAPA and all the Volunteers?

First Brush of Spring was a huge success!

Award Name Amount Artist Name Title of Work
John and Sarah Lechleiter $2,500.00 Lon Brauer Gray House
1st Place $1,250.00 Wyatt LeGrand Fool on the Hill
Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp      
2nd Place $1,000.00 Justin Vining In the Grass
Hoosier Salon      
3rd Place $750.00 Jason Bailey Side Tracked
Ron and Dottie Mack      
Award of Excellence      
Richmond Art Museum $500.00 Mary Ann Davis Roadside Beauty
Award of Excellence      
Ashley & Steve Dawson $500.00 Roy Boswell Wandering Back Roads
Award of Excellence      
In Honor of Larry Rudolech $500.00 Alan Larkin Bridge Across the Wabash
Merit awards      
Richard McKnight $250.00 Carol Strock-Wasson First Touch of Spring
Indiana Artists Club $250.00 RL Weber Looking Through
Dr. George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp $250.00 Trot Tatlock Big Empty Vessel
Star Financial $250.00 Randall Scott Hardin Afternoon Light/Corbin House
Michael Quinn $250.00 Jed Dorsey Stories Without Words
Indiana Heritage Arts $250.00 Donna Shortt Wildflower Walk
IPAPA     $250.00 David Seward Cleaning Day
IPAPA     $250.00 Jerry Smith Behind the Scenes
Honorable Mention $100.00 Rachel Dowd The Banks of the Wabash
Honorable Mention $100.00 Kristin Hosbein Treeline
Honorable Mention $100.00 Mr. Tonov Last Light
Honorable Mention $100.00 Dan Woodson Path to the Wabash River
Honorable Mention $100.00 Thomas Himsel Swamp Life
1st Place:  Melanie & Bill Wissel $250.00 Kori Leverenz Florence
2nd Place:  Ampersand Gift Certificate $150.00 Ester Hale Maybe I Could Retire Here
3rd Place:  Melanie & Bill Wissel $75.00 Melanie Wissel Everybody’s Working
Student Awards      
Age 12 – 18      
1st Place:     Faith Keith  
Participant   Christian Keith  
Participant   Leo Volz  
Participant   Anabel Volz  
Thursday Night Quick Draw      
Winners   # of Participants 50
  $100.00 David Seward  
  $100.00 Kathleen Gray Farthing  
  $100.00 Rachel Dowd  
Honorable Mention      
  $10.00 Kyle Ragsdale  
  $10.00 Jerry Smith  
  $10.00 Roy Boswell  
Friday Night Nocturne   # of Participants 35
  $100.00 Roy Boswell  
  $100.00 Lon Brauer  
  $50.00 Beverly Bruntz  
  $50.00 Troy Tatlock  
Field to Finish   # of Participants 48
Winners $200.00 Pam Newell  
  $200.00 Donna Shortt  
  $200.00 Jerry Smith  
  $200.00 Mark Burkett  
  $200.00 Ann Feldman  
  Best in Show Wyatt LeGrand  



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Gallery Director, Linda Volz

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