2023 First Brush of Spring

24th First Brush of Spring

April 12-15, 2023

Award Name Amount Artist Name Title of Work
Dr. George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp Best in Show
John and Sarah Lechleiter $2,500.00 David Seward Looking North

Maggie Rapp 1st Place $1,250.00 Shaun Frankfurt Owens Farm
Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

2nd Place $1,000.00 Jason Bailey Farm House
Kent and Laurie Parker Family Foundation

3rd Place $750.00 Alan Larkin Field Cut
Hoosier Salon

Award of Excellence
Ron and Dottie Mack $500.00 Lon Brauer Elliott House

Award of Excellence
Richmond Art Museum $500.00 Julie Wiegand Cloud Occasion

Award of Excellence
Ashley & Steve Dawson $500.00 Roy Boswell Always Go Back

Merit awards
Indiana Artists Club $250.00 Mark Vander Vinne Not Leaving Yet
Indiana Artists Club $250.00 Donna Shortt Blooming Alley
Indiana Heritage Arts $250.00 Tom Woodson Old Barn
IPAPA $250.00 James Faecke Early Light Bailey RD
IPAPA $250.00 Carol Strock-Wasson Behind the Barn Abbey
IPAPA $250.00 Terry Rone Country Road
IPAPA $250.00 Mary Ann Davis Ron’s View
IPAPA $250.00 Lindsey Brodge Warm Day in the Country

Honorable Mention $100.00 Pam Newell Wabash Spring
Honorable Mention $100.00 Rhonda Richter Neva’s House
Honorable Mention $100.00 Clenna Perkins Spring Time
Honorable Mention $100.00 Corrine Hull Reflections
Honorable Mention $100.00 Ivanka Lempitsky Yellow Field
Honorable Mention $100.00 Marka Kroeger Tulip Festival
Honorable Mention $100.00 Melinda McIntosh Morning Light
Honorable Mention $100.00 Jeannie Hilfiker Moring Reflection


1st Place: Melanie & Bill Wissel $250.00 Pam Adams Morning on the Wabash
2nd Place: Melanie & Bill Wissel $150.00 Judy Stice New Harmony Inspirations
3rd Place: Melanie & Bill Wissel $75.00 Jim Wiesman Rush Field

Nocturne $100.00 Kyle Ragsdale Alley Painters
$100.00 Roy Boswell Dark Alley Special
$100.00 Jeannie Hilfiker New Harmony Night Life
$10.00 Veronica Brown Sunset at the Bridge
$10.00 Caroline Goldsmith Magical Night
$10.00 Martha Willi We’ll Leave the Light on

Student Awards
Age 12 – 18
1st Place: $100.00 Abbigale Bazan
2nd Place $50.00 Kiearra Krull
3rd Place $50.00 Malachi Clayton
Honorable Mention $20.00 Konnor Ethridge
Honorable Mention $20.00 Adrianna Neave
Honorable Mention $20.00 Ava Williams
Honorable Mention $20.00 Faith Keith
Honorable Mention $20.00 Gibson Bay
Honorable Mention $20.00 Payton Brock
Honorable Mention $20.00 Lydia Deckard
Honorable Mention $20.00 Madalyn Harralson
Honorable Mention $20.00 Julianna Vernigan

Thursday Night Quick Draw
$100.00 David Seward
$100.00 Jason Bailey
$100.00 Donna Shortt
$100.00 Lon Brauer
Honorable Mention
$10.00 Bev Bruntz
$10.00 Beth Forst
$10.00 Mark Vander Vinne
$10.00 Susan Mauck

Field to Finish
Winners $200.00 Mary Ann Davis
$200.00 Carol Strock-Wasson
$200.00 Jason Bailey
$200.00 Thomas Himsel
$200.00 David Seward
$500.00 Mark Vander Vinne Best in Show
f-reported commission to Hoosier Salon before May 1, 2022. Hoosier Salon, PO Box 338, New Harmony, IN 47631.

Save the Date for 2024

25th Annual First Brush of Spring

April 17th – 20th

7 thoughts on “2023 First Brush of Spring

  1. I have lots of new art I’ll be bringing to sell on Saturday, I hope we have beautiful weather and many visitors in New Harmony.

  2. Thanks Linda —volunteers and staff at the Hoosier Salon thank you again for all the hard work you’ve done already to get this very successful painting sale and paint out a reality!

  3. I am excited to exhibet and sell some of my paintings for the first time! Looking forward to meeting new artists and viewing thier paintings. Thank you Linda for making this event possible.

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