Outside, Inside & Together


Over the past couple of years Kyle Ragsdale, Justin Vining, and Benny Sanders have become close friends and painting companions. Justin and Kyle can frequently be found in each other’s neighboring studios at the Harrison Center for the Arts. Benny and Justin, having bonded over their love for painting en plein air, have painted together at least twice a week over the last year (including all winter long). The vast majority of the work was created with at least two of the artists present. This show is truly unique in its theme of collaboration, something rare in the world of visual arts. Saturday’s opening is the bounty of these artistic relationships; the result of learning and challenging each other. And what’s more, all three artists are known for work outside of the traditional; Ragsdale for his figures within the landscape, Sanders for his modern portraits, and Vining for his whimsical landscapes – a sampling of this signature work will be represented as well.

Morning at Eagle Creek