97th Annual Exhibition

For tickets to the Awards and Preview Event Date on August 19, 2021 Click here

Congratulations to the Hoosier Art Salon Artists Accepted into the

Hoosier Art Salon 97th Annual Exhibition

Anna Afshar

Teresa Altemeyer

Dan Annarino

Mason Archie

Donna Arnold

Ann Bastianelli

Jo Belmont

Robert Bratton

Peggy Breidenbach

Diane Breman

Susan Brewer

Jo Burkhard

William Carpenter

John Michael Carter

Kalleen Chilcote

Judy Crawford

Steven Creighton

Cindy Crofoot

Deborah Davis

Willis Davis

Steve Dodge

Fred Doloresco

Daniel Driggs

Stephen Edwards

Forrest Formsma

Beth Forst

Joel Fremion

Karen Graeser

Sylvia Gray

Linda Gredy

Randal Gunyon

Samuel  Hoffman

Clare Peggy Hollett

Lawrence Hunter

Matt Hurdle

Debra Huse

John Kelty

Patrick Kluesner

Alan Larkin

Wyatt LeGrand

Diane Lehman

Ronald Leonhardt

Kathy Los-Rathburn

Peter Lupkin

William Lupkin

Therese Lynch

Ellen Lyon

A. Cassia Margolis

Jeanne McLeish

Katherine Meade

Bob Meyers

Charles Mundy

Lylanne Musselman

Pamela Newell

Chris Newlund

Kevin O’Brien

Kate Orr

James Patterson

Vandra Pentecost

Dianna Porter

Robert Pote

Kyle Ragsdale

Atossa Rahmanifar

Mark Ratzlaff

Russell Recchion

Matt Rees

Patricia Rhoden

Michael Rippey

Carleen Rivera

Joe Rohrman

Brian Russelburg

Martha Sando

Betty Scarpino

Terri Schultz

Constance Edwards Scopelitis

David Seward

Kerry Shaw

Joshua Shepherd

Donna Shortt

Jerry Smith

William Smock

Karen Sonner

Rita Spalding

Stephanie Spay

Arlyne Springer

Curt Stanfield

Carol Strock-Wasson

Ginny Takacs

Brian Talbert

Stephanie Thomson

James Tracy

Gerald Traicoff

Mark Vander VInne

Mary Sue Veerkamp-Schwab

Justin Vining

Mark Waninger

Patricia Weiss

Elizabeth Whipple

Cindy Wingo

Carrie Wright

Gabriel Yaden

Instructions for delivery of works accepted into the 97th Annual to the Indiana State Museum:

Thursday, July 22 – Saturday, July 24, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

All works must be at the Indiana State Museum by 5 p.m. EST Saturday, July 24th. 



DELIVER YOUR WORK to the Indiana State Museum’s ADMIN DOCK / 721 West Wabash Street / Indianapolis, IN 46204. The West Loading Dock is attached to the Indiana State Museum’s Administrative Building (not the Museum Building that faces Washington St.). Do NOT use GPS to locate the dock as it will take you to the Statehouse instead.

Directions to the Indiana State Museum Admin Dock:

  • Depending on which highway is used take the appropriate exit to West St.
  • From West St., turn west onto W. New York St.
  • Turn south (left) onto Blackford St. (Passing Herron School on Art)
  • Turn right (west) onto Wabash St.
  • West Loading Dock (three large doors) is in red brick and limestone building on the left. 
  • Go through door at left marked “Indiana State Museum” and check in at the security desk or with the Hoosier Salon representative.

Please contact Traci Cromwell, Director of Collections, at 317-234-1719 or by cell phone at 317-496-5745, if you have trouble finding the West Loading Dock. DO NOT DELIVER TO THE PUBLIC ENTRANCE of the Indiana State Museum. THE MUSEUM STAFF WILL NOT BE AUTHORIZED TO TAKE YOUR WORK.


Works being shipped must be addressed to the Indiana State Museum Admin Dock/721 W. Wabash, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

You may ship work to the Indiana State Museum between Wednesday, July 14 and Saturday, July 24. The ISM ADMIN DOCK address is 721 West Wabash Street / Indianapolis, IN 46204. The museum registrar (Jake Sheff) phone number is (317) 232-8179. If your work is to be returned via shipping, please provide a pre-paid return shipping label with your package.

RETURN: Work will be returned using a similar process on Tuesday–Thursday, October 26 – 28, 2021. Please hold time on your schedule to pick up your work. If you fail to pick up your work, you will be invoiced and your work will be shipped to you.

Again, if your work is to be returned via shipping, we will use the pre-paid return shipping label that you provided with your original package.

We are excited to feature your work in this historic 97th Annual Exhibition! Congratulations again and thank you for choosing to be a Hoosier Art Salon Member.

Please tell us as soon as possible if you cannot meet the delivery schedule above.

Clearly and securely label the back of each piece being delivered with the artist’s name and the title matching the original entry. No substitutions of juried artwork are allowed.

All ACCEPTED work MUST be for sale for the duration of the show. Sales begin on Thursday, August 19 at the Preview Event and continue online through October 24 at http://www.Hoosiersalon.org. 

97th Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition

Awards and Preview Event Date – August 19, 2021

Click here for tickets

August 21 – October 24

Indiana State Museum

650 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indianapolis, IN

The Hoosier Art Salon is grateful for your participation.