About The Hoosier Art Salon


The Hoosier Salon is a statewide nonprofit artist-service organization whose mission is to create an appreciation of visual art by promoting Indiana artists and their work.


The Hoosier Salon legacy began in 1925 when the Daughters of Indiana opened the doors to the first exhibition of Indiana contemporary artists at Marshall Fields and Company Galleries in Chicago. The high quality of art was applauded by critics and the public alike, the first exhibition included works by such notables as T.C. Steele, J. Otis Adams and Will Vawter, and was an unqualified success.

In 1940 the annual exhibit moved from Chicago to downtown Indianapolis finally settling at the Indiana State Museum after various venues. The Hoosier Salon maintains galleries at the Stutz and New Harmony also host over thirty special shows of members; work each year.

The Hoosier Salon envisions a statewide environment for both visual art and its public appreciation that carries forward the grand tradition of the artists of Hoosier Group. Whether it is artists who remain and thrive in Indiana or those with attachments to the state who work elsewhere, the Salon is here to promote their efforts and ensure that Indiana art continues to thrive.

2023 is the Hoosier Salon’s 99th year of serving Indiana’s artists and developing the creative community they need to thrive. We are and will always be the organization that truly represents Art by Indiana Artists. We are one of Indiana’s oldest and most respected visual arts groups, yet we are as current as our newest member and we intend to be around and healthy to turn 100 in 2025.


Linda Volz, New Harmony Gallery Director

Sara Kamman, New Harmony Assistant Gallery Director

Board of Directors Executive Committee

Michael Quinn, President, Indianapolis
Melanie Wissel, Vice President, Indianapolis
Greg Pemberton, Treasurer, Indianapolis
Janet Holcomb, Secretary, Indianapolis
Donna Hovey, Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Kris Bowen
Karen Butler
Dr. Gregory Chernoff
Ellen Crabb
Tamiko Crayton
Dr. Chad Davis
Cheri Dick
Jeremy Efroymson
Brandon A.Emkes, CFP
Otto Frenzel, IV
Janet Holcomb
Donna Hovey
Rebecca Kubacki
John Lechleiter
Susanne McAlister
Jim Morris
Kent Parker
Tina Pasquinelli
Greg Pemberton
Mark Perlstein
Michael Quinn
Dr. George Rapp
Jim Shook
Libby Somerville
Cathy Springer Brown
Amb. Randall Tobias
Jeff Veldhof
Melanie Wissel
C. Daniel Yates
Richard A.Young