2017 First Brush of Spring New Harmony Workshops

2017 First Brush of Spring New Harmony Workshops
Four Day Workshops: Monday-Thursday, April 24-27; 9am-4pm
Class Size Limited – Portable Easel Required
Special Tuesday Night: Instructor’s Panel Discussion and Q&A

Workshops are located in New Harmony, Indiana and hosted by the Hoosier Salon New Harmony. *Note cancellation/refund policy at bottom of page.
WAITING LIST: If a workshop is FULL, send your name, email address, phone number and your choice of workshop instructor to Maggie Rapp: hoosiersalon@sbcglobal.net
No Phone Calls Please!

The Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery is pleased to offer nationally recognized instructors who are professional artists with impressive resumes.  We are dedicated to making your workshop experience worth the time and money you are devoting to it.  Additionally, we hope you will fall in love with New Harmony just as those of us who live here have.
2017 First Brush of Spring New Harmony Instructors





CW Mundy – “Science + Experimentation=Success”
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All levels welcome, basic knowledge of oil and equipment a necessity. – Students will be guided through several experiments to push them through the building and destruction and the rebuilding of the painting process.  I will lecture on “The 7 Foundational Truths”, present a slide show to reinforce the lecture, and do painting demonstrations to back up the lecture and slideshow. The understanding of the Foundational Truths will be re-enforced during the entire workshop.  With such fantastic success in the 2016 workshop, we will do several eight-minute “pear fruit studies.”  It is a huge benefit to have my two assistants, Gary Young and Rita Spalding returning in 2017. Visit:  www.cwmundy.com

Laura Robb – “The Puzzle of Painting”
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All levels are welcome, but a previous experience in mixing color is necessary. Demonstrations and instruction will be in oil and it is suggested that students use this medium. This workshop is for students who want to advance their skills of observation and understand how to take full advantage of their palette. I will explain and demonstrate composition, technique, principles of light and shade; how the effects of light and depth can be achieved; and help you identify materials or procedures getting in the way of progress. Most lessons will apply to any medium or subject matter but the focus will be specific to still life in oil. Bring a sense of humor. Visit: www.laurarobb.com

Elizabeth Robbins – “Painting Light and Shadow to Create Dimension in Your Paintings”
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Beginner to advanced. Demonstrations and instruction will be in oil. Students may use oil or water-soluble oil. In the workshop, I will take each day to discuss the fundamentals of painting, ie: composition, values, temperature, edges, texture, and color. Students will gain a better understanding about how to create dimension with light and shadow and how to orchestrate a painting that has rhythm. Each day a new fundamental will be discussed and will build upon the last. I will do daily demonstrations. Visit:  www.robbinsfineart.com


Carolyn Anderson – “Interpreting Reality” – A portrait workshop using models.
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Intermediate to advanced painters; demonstrations and instruction will be in oil; students may work in other mediums. Learning to see and interpret the subject matter, with an emphasis on expressive painting, will be the subject of this workshop. We will discuss the basics of composition, value, and color. Discussions will also include materials, technique, and an emphasis on the use of lost and found edges, paying particular attention to the importance of seeing and learning how to respond to and evaluate the information. A painting should allow the artist to interpret the subject matter in a creative and interesting way. The ability to see and paint what one is seeing is extremely important, but it is the interpretation of that seeing which results in an interesting and sensitive painting. Models will be our principal subject matter. There will be demonstrations, a slide presentation, lectures, group discussions, and as much individual attention as possible. Visit:  www.carolynanderson.com

Daniel Gerhartz – “Training Your Eye to See” – A portrait workshop using live models.
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Intermediate to advanced painters; demonstrations and instruction will be in oil. The focus of this workshop is on training yourself to see accurate relationships and record them in the process of portrait painting.  Dan will demonstrate painting a portrait in warm light and a portrait in cool light.  He will lead discussion using slides of masterworks to demonstrate principles of accurate edge control, value control and color temperature.  Students will paint working from life with a variety of models in these same lighting situations each day.  During student painting time Dan will teach and critique as you are working. The week will end with some discussion of how he develops a larger composition with a figure in a studio/still life piece and students have the same model and set up for the full day of painting and the opportunity to work through some of those principles.
Walnut oil will be the only medium used throughout the workshop. Visit:  www.danielgerhartz.com


Marc Hanson – “Looking into the Landscape and Finding Your Voice” – A plein air landscape workshop.
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Intermediate thru advanced painters, working in oil, pastel or acrylic. This workshop will begin with the students taking some steps back to the basic disciplines involved in our learning how to fully understand the landscape as a visual tool. You will be guided to find your own voice, using your chosen medium of paint or pastels. Marc works in three mediums on location and in his studio (oil, pastel and acrylic) and is glad to help students in any of these mediums. Visit:  www.marchansonart.com

John Michael Carter – “Architecture and Plein Air Landscape Painting” – A plein air architectural and landscape workshop.
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Students will paint each day focusing on architectural elements in the landscape with compositions of close up and distant motifs discussed and painted. There will be a discussion and demo of how to employ 1 or 2 point perspective and how to use shadows to create design and focus along with color temperature and color control. Instructor will do two demos during the workshop and students will paint up to 2 small paintings each day. Visit:  www.johnmichaelcarter.com

*New Harmony Hoosier Salon Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policy:

In the event a student chooses to withdraw after registering for a workshop, a 75% tuition refund will be granted when a student submits a request by email: hoosiersalon@sbcglobal.net or by contacting Maggie Rapp at least ten (10) business days before the start date of the workshop. After that time, no refund can be given unless there is someone who fills the vacancy. Refunds are by check or Hoosier Salon credit, only. Materials fees are not refundable. Workshop and materials fees are not transferable.  We understand that circumstances may cause a change in your plans. We sympathize, however, please understand that we must adhere to policies as our financial and contractual commitment for each workshop has been finalized.  If workshop minimum is not attained, the Hoosier Salon reserves the right to cancel the workshop and the student will receive a full refund.